Smart Vending Solution
Innovative FENTEC Vending Solutionâ„¢ enables on-site sales, rental and asset tracking services with automated self-service points. The solution includes an extensive range of smart cabinets, smart containers and a self-checkout system, designed for easy placement at points of use. Real-time inventory management and automated sales operations help optimize stock levels and improve efficiency. Easy 24/7 shopping experience drives sales and builds customer loyalty. Beyond product supply, the solution supports renting, lending and co-ownership services. High-quality and reliability equals to minimal need for maintenance and a long product life cycle.

FENTEC Smart Cabinet provides easy access and availability for authorized users on-site. Its flexible product placement and browsing experience encourage purchasing. Maintaining optimal stock levels is effortless with automatic inventory and integration with backend systems. Choose from a variety of advanced vending cabinets, including a scale cabinet for diverse bulk goods, a cabinet with 90-minute fire protection, or a standard model with individual item identification. Additional features, like a display, support many business applications.

FENTEC 24/7 Checkout Room
FENTEC Checkout Room is a gateway to your 24/7 store with an automated self-checkout solution. It upgrades any existing warehouse into an intelligent storage. With a quick module set-up completed in just one day, the integrated checkout room automates inventory management and streamlines operations through automatic transaction registration. This solution is optimal for delivering value-added service via a vendor managed inventory.

FENTEC Container
FENTEC Container is an automated self-service storage solution designed for temporary or remote work-sites. It provides convenient additional on-site storage whenever needed, removing the need to leave the site for supplies. With automatic transaction registration and consumption data received, maintaining up-to-date stock is effortless. Available in sizes ranging from 3m, 6m, and 12m, up to triple size combination, the FENTEC Container adapts to storage needs seamlessly.