Task Dynamic specializes in creating standard and custom automations for bending cells and laser machines of all sizes, ensuring that every production aspect is covered. From the simplest loading and unloading systems to complex custom automations, Task Dynamic can develop the ideal automation to improve the efficiency and productivity of any process.

Our team of technical experts and engineers work closely with customers to fully understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions. We use state-of-the-art technologies and high- quality materials to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

With Task Dynamic, our customers can count on efficient and highly functional automations designed to optimize production and achieve superior results. We are proud to be the ideal partner for those seeking cutting-edge, customized automation solutions for their manufacturing operations.

The Server Compact system is an automatic loader for 2D sheet metal cutting laser machines. Positioned straddling the pallet changer of the laser machine, it allows individual sheets of sheet metal to be loaded independently from a stack, and the machined sheets to be unloaded. The system comes complete assembled, excluding the grounded electrical cabinet and safety fences and barriers.
The Server Compact system consists of a welded structure designed to house on the two loading and unloading bays, respectively, the stack of raw and machined sheets. The system can operate automatically by cari-cing the blanks and unloading the processed until the loading bay has blanks to load, or the unloading bay has reached the maximum allowable stack. Individual sheets of sheet metal are loaded by a suction cup grip that separates the sheet from the stack, and lays it on the comb elevator. The latter will take care of bringing the sheet out of the bays, descend to the laser's pallet change quota, and deposit it on the strips. The comb elevator subsequently will take care of retrieving the machined sheet from the laser, and de-positing it on the machined unloading bay. The system is equipped with all the necessary controls to fully perform the actions automatically.

Automatic sheet metal warehouse 3000 x 1500 mm size; one or more towers structure for X (number of pallets the customer needs) pallets; two shuttles servicing robotic system for loading unloading laser machine and one shuttle for loading unloading operator with movable struts.
The plant performs the function of storing sheet metal packages of maximum shape-to 3000 x 1500 mm, arranged on pallets handled automatically by the CNC or manually by the operator. An elevator arranged centrally to the two towers allows the handling of pallets from the tower, to the slave and loading/unloading shuttles.
The warehouse is equipped with mechanical safety systems that prevent: 1) the elevator from falling down in the event of faults or power failure, 2) the pallets from falling out of the towerunless the driver on board the elevator intervenes. The warehouse structure consists of a strong steel frame, capable of supporting the maximum weight of loadable material.

The system implements an automatic work cell for cutting flat sheet metal by integrating an automatic loading and unloading system to the laser cutting machine, which appropriately interfaced to the laser machine is capable of performing loading and unloading cycles of processed sheet metal sheets without human supervision.
Automatic sheet loading takes place from the prearranged bay, where the pallet with the package of blanks is stationed. A suction cup grip selects the sin-gle sheet, and a magnetic and pneumatic sheeting system helps avoid loading multiple sheets at once. A sorter meter checks that only one sheet is actually present. The sheet is released then loaded onto the pallet of the laser machine.
Automatic unloading of the processed sheet is done by a comb gripper, which picks up the processed sheet from the laser machine and unloads it onto the pallet set up in the unloading bay.
The loaded pallets will be moved to the warehouse or manual loading/unloading station.