CAD/CAM System Software

Jetcam®, founded in 1986, develops and markets CAD/CAM software systems. Over the years, it has become a benchmark in the programming of CNC machinery, punching machines, and machines used in sheet metal and composite cutting. Since the early 1990s’ Jetcam® has introduced the virtual operator (RCP® Remote Control Processing) and structured the evolution on this basis, and also incorporating the concepts of Industry 4.0 and iOT.

The Jetcam-CrossTrack Platform is the natural evolution of these principles, and enables:
• a timely and automatic real-time traceability of every single batch/blade of stock, of cut components, even if they are nonconforming;
• CrossTrack® provides, in real time and with an intuitive interface, simplified but extremely timely management of all processes related to the transformation of raw material in the complex world of sheet metal processing;
• a multinesting reporting specifically designed for operators who are in charge of separating cut components to recompose the job order according to the stages successively planned for each component.

The competitive advantage of Jetcam® is that it is a flexible, state-of-the-art, no-holds-barred platform for the Brands on the market of punch presses, lasers, and combinations, including the latest generation models. Both the online Jetcam® University, available to operators, where there are training courses by specific topic, and training courses directly at the customer’s site with projects tailored to the precise machining needs, ensure structured training.


Cross Track Sheet Metal with planning and tracking, from sheet metal to machined parts, also for Industry 4.0


FFHPN High Performance Automatic Module: rapid automatic nesting generation, with maximum waste reduction


Premium Automation: detailed, customized reporting with two-way exchange with your business management system


JETCUT Fly-cuttingfully
automatic cutting


Software Zoomfab

ZOOMFAB® is a solution that can provide strategic information reports, accurately detects and calculates the actual cost of the individual machine and its breakeven, as well as allows setting the minimum margin for each machine. The innovative ZOOMFAB® algorithm not only collects consumption data, but also monitors assets precisely, reports current financial data based on the production levels of systems, and informs about the position of advantage or deficit with respect to the planned budget for each asset. ZOOMFAB® offers many smart features that include:

• comprehensive asset database;
• document management; contact management (CRM/SRM);
• electronic notepad;
• maintenance and calibration planning;
• asset evaluation;
• machine utilization analysis;
• factory configurator;
• overhead costing; energy consumption analysis; and more;

ZoomFab’s What If module provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation of the machine fleet, order book, and raw material stock. What if provides a simulation of reorganization of the company according to a total efficiency model, pointing out any needs, including new machinery in production, or raw material supply to ensure timely management of the order backlog.