Mitsubishi Electric

Laser cutting

Mitsubishi Electric and its workforce of 146,500 employees, manufactures electrical and electronic products and systems. The product range includes satellite systems, elevators, industrial robots, laser cutting systems, EDM systems, CNC numerical controls, air conditioning units, semiconductors, and much, much more.

Mitsubishi Electric stands for excellent solutions in industrial automation technology and technology products. The first laser for commercial applications was sold in 1977. Since 2011, Mitsubishi Electric has been present in Europe with its new range of laser cutting machines and advanced automation systems.

Mitsubishi laser cutting systems are available in the fiber line with power ratings of 4kW, 6kW, 8kW and 10kW and in the crossflow line with power ratings of 4.5kW and 6kW. The laser can be integrated with two-story, single-tower and multi-tower sheet metal storage systems, which allow raw material to be handled in an automated way and also arranged on pallets in an orderly manner in the logic of your production.

An important theme is environmental and energy sustainability, on which Mitsubishi Electric has invested heavily, proposing some interesting solutions. Development has focused on ‘high quality and easy, advanced operation that brilliantly combines manufacturing wisdom and design. The cutting quality monitoring, which is done by artificial intelligence, performs continuous analysis and corrects cutting technologies as needed to ensure the smooth cutting process. In addition, nozzle monitoring performs a preventive analysis of the characteristics and wear level, automatically providing for nozzle replacement.

Resonator, designed and built by Mitsubishi, and the GX series fiber laser systems are equipped with Artificial Intelligence AI that provides a series of automations dedicated to the sheet metal cutting process.

The GX series fiber laser systems are equipped with artificial AI that provides a series of automatisms dedicated to the sheet metal cutting process. The resonator, designed and built by Mitsubishi.

• Artificial Intelligence AI
• Mitsubishi Zoom Cutting Head
• Mitsubishi fiber resonator 5-year warranty
• Mitsubishi D-Cubes Numerical Control

A Laser system that offers high-quality performance for machining operations that require demanding operations, where speed and precise results are necessary. The Cross-Flow series developed by Mitsubishi Electric requires less maintenance than conventional cO2 resonators. The Brilliantcut option enables cutting with 40% to 50% better quality due to the slow-flowing stable gases in combination with the patented guided beam. Flexibility with all types of sheet metal, from the thinnest to the thickest, with superior cutting quality.

AI Assist: Using Mitsubishi Electric’s AI artificial intelligence sensors, the cutting process is monitored in real time and parameters are automatically adjusted to optimize cutting performance.

developed by Mitsubishi ensures cutting of different materials and thicknesses through automatic adjustment of radius and focus. Through the magnetic protection system, in the event of a collision, the head is returned to position within seconds.

is a device that reduces nitrogen (N2) consumption by up to 76%, and increases productivity by up to 26%. Economic optimization is mainly achieved by Mitsubishi Electric’s original technology, with the following results:

– nitrogen flow management

– rapid communication with D-CUBES CNC control assisted by artificial intelligence

– shorter drilling times with higher cutting speeds achieved through Mitsubishi Electric’s high quality resonator fiber beam.

MEL’S AR, virtual view technology, includes two cameras inside the machine that enable:

– Increased utilization of the remainder of the sheet

– Simple virtual positioning of parts using drag-and-drop function

– You can create a top-down view by pressing a button on the D-CUBES panel

Individual parts or complete nesting can be placed on the sheet remainder