Software PLC numerical controls and drives

Task Dynamic provides its customers with a wide range of advanced controls designed to effectively manage various machine functions. Our offering includes both simple controls, ideal for determining, storing and controlling the parameters needed to perform precise bending operations, and more sophisticated control panels with an advanced graphical interface and bending simulation capabilities.

Simple controls allow intuitive management of bending operations, offering the ability to store optimal settings for rapid execution of repetitive bends. This solution is particularly suitable for standard applications where effective automation of basic operations is required.

On the other hand, our more sophisticated control panels offer a higher level of versatility and customization. With an advanced graphical user interface, operators can access a range of advanced functions that enable precise and detailed management of bending steps. Built-in bending simulation allows operators to verify the bending sequence virtually, reducing the risk of errors and optimizing production time.

With Task Dynamic, our customers can choose the control solution that best suits their specific needs, always ensuring reliable performance, accuracy and operational simplicity. We are committed to providing innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of bending operations.

is a numerical control capable of handling press brakes is the combined result of more than 30 years of hardware and software experience from Task Division. Its simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) is displayed by an outstanding 21.5-inch wide high-resolution LCD with an advanced touch-screen. ATLAS’s graphics are curated and advanced, especially in the 3D functionality, in which the operator is in an environment that assists him in all phases of bending. Graphic creation of tools and parts in 2D / 3D, import of 3D parts from CADCAM, and real-time 2D / 3D simulation and visualization of all bending stages are just a few of the many standard features. ATLAS is a numerical control that assists and guides the operator throughout the entire bending sequence, and offers a new modular solution that can meet the user’s needs.

is a multi-axis Graphical numerical control born from TASK’s forty years of hardware and software experience in the field of press-bending machine control. Curated graphics and advanced 3D capabilities make TITANO a true on-board CAM. In fact, Graphic Creation of 2D/3D tools and parts, import of 3D parts drawn with CAD-CAM, Simulation and 2D and 3D reproduction, in real time, of the various bending stages are just some of the basic features available. In addition, the presence of a Tool-Navigator assists the operator in Machine Setup operations, while specific software functions guide the Automatic Search for the best bending sequence.

is the evolution of the ATLAS numerical control. The graphical user interface of ATHENA has been completely revised to make operation even again simpler and more intuitive. Thanks to the work now done, it is possible to create new 2D and 3D programs in a few simple steps. The addition of an advanced file manager makes it possible to search for programs and tools quickly and intuitively.

It is the most advanced office software Task, powerful and easy to use. It generates the bending sequence, tool configurations, bending program, and correct part development (useful for the cutting process) in a very short time. All this can be sent to production via the company server. Bending System with its A.R.S. application can simulate the gripper position for the robot.

It is the proprietary software for simulation and programming of robotic islands that can calculate the correct trajectories to allow the robot to complete the processes of loading, bending, and drain of the component.

It is the device for managing all the activities required to control the press brake devices in real time. CRC3 comunicates with the numerical control and allows driving all axes of the press brake.

It is a compact solution that integrates motor and drive in a single product, allowing a reduction in footprint, cost and simplification of wiring. EMBLAX is easy and straightforward to parameterize: PC-based diagnostics are provided by a monitoring program that features a very useful real-time oscilloscope function.